• Active Release Technique- What is it? Is it right for you?
    What is Active Release Technique? Active release technique is a hands-on, soft tissue technique that is used to correct changes in tissues that are injured, painful, or have a decrease in motion. Read more
  • Winter Roads in Bozeman
    Winter roads in Bozeman Winter time road conditions are typically snowy here in Bozeman but this year is a little out of the ordinary.  We have had more wet and icy Read more
  • Auto Accidents and Chiropractic Care
    Auto Accidents and Chiropractic Care- Bozeman Montana Auto accidents happen when we least expect it and in the case of more minor collisions, our biggest concerns seem to be “Is my car Read more
  • Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment
    What is Whiplash? One of the most common consequences of injury to the neck is whiplash, or neckstrain/sprain. It is caused by extreme, sudden backwards (hyperextension) orforwards (hyperflexion) motion of the Read more
  • Neck pain and injuries/whiplash
    Prevalence       Neck pain occurs in 9% of adult men and 12% of adult women at any given moment, with 80% of people experiencing neck pain at some point Read more
  • I was in a car accident but was told I am fine?
    Question: I was in a car crash yesterday. We got hit on the passenger side pretty badly by a guy who ran a red light. My dad was OK, but my neck was Read more


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