• How do I know if I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?
    The ulnar nerve is one of the key nerves that comes from the cervical spine that innervates the tissues in the medial arm. Often times the ulnar nerve can get Read more
  • Active Release Technique- Chiropractor Bozeman Montana
    What is Active Release Technique? Active release technique is a hands-on, soft tissue technique that is used to correct changes in tissues that are injured, painful, or have a decrease in motion. Read more
  • Sciatica Pain/Treatment
    What is sciatica? Chiropractors commonly see patients presenting with what is called sciatic nerve pain, but what is sciatica?  Sciatica is pain, tingling and/or numbness in the leg that occurs when Read more
  • What causes Numbness?
    What causes Numbness and Tingling? Most experienced when waking up from sleeping in an awkward position, or during the work day most commonly for individuals who perform a lot of overhead Read more


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