Chiropractic and Allergy Treatment in Bozeman, MT

Allergy Treatment in Bozeman, MT


Welcome to allergy season. Itchy, scratchy eyes, loaded sinuses, hives, and nonstop sneezing are a part of life for many people in the spring. What are allergies, actually? Why do they happen? How can they be treated, and wait.... why is a Chiropractic office posting a blog about them?! (Spoiler... chiropractic care can actually help... read on for more!)

Your immune system has the ability to form substances known as antibodies – most importantly, to substances such as viruses in order to protect your body from their disease-causing effects. In some people, the body's immune system will form antibodies to natural substances, such as pollen, pet dander, foods, or bee venom – which creates a severe immune system response. The symptoms this response creates are known collectively as allergies.

This response usually inflames the respiratory tract, eyes, and can affect the digestive tract as well. In cases of extreme allergies, anaphylaxis can occur, and be life-threatening. Anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, is a condition where an allergic reaction is so severe, that blood pressure drops low enough to cause lack of proper oxygen to tissues, and shock. 

Many treatments for allergies at an allergist or primary care physician are centered around controlling the symptoms. Histamine reactions, such as itchiness, hives, and weepy eyes, are typically treated using antihistamines such as Benadryl. Some treatments are aimed at augmenting the immune system's attack by attempting to desensitize it to allergy causing compounds. These treatments usually involve either a series shots of purified allergen extract, or tablets of the extract placed under the tongue. 

In those suffering from severe allergies, emergency epinephrine is carried (such as in an EpiPen, or similar device) which is a measure taken after exposure to an allergen, and usually helps give the patient time to get emergency treatment. 

What about chiropractic? How does chiropractic treatment fit in? Can it even help? 

Chiropractic treatment can help alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies. In our practice, we have seen sinus congestion, and the swelling and congestion from a histamine reaction be significantly reduced using a combination of cervical adjusting, as well as an “adjustment” or mobilization of the soft tissues of the ear, and ear canal. [Check out this blog on ear adjustments!]

The mechanism of chiropractic's effectiveness against seasonal allergies is twofold: 

First, chiropractic adjusting has a profound effect on the nervous system's ability to transmit and receive nerve impulses. Loosening and realigning spinal segments, in this case, in the neck, helps to reestablish normal muscle tone. It can also help to improve nervous system control over processes such as blood vessel constriction and relaxation. 

Second, loosening the fascia and muscles of the head and neck helps to allow for improved lymphatic drainage of the tissues of the face and sinuses. The buildup of lymphatic fluid within the soft tissues is what produces the feeling of facial and sinus fullness, and produces the drainage and weepiness that occurs in the face during an allergy attack. This proper management of blood and lymphatic fluid flow is critical in mitigating the increase in soft tissue swelling and puffiness that accompanies seasonal allergies. Getting this stuff to flow properly is the best, non-drug centered way to alleviate these symptoms!

So: if you or someone you are experiencing allergies this spring, consider heading over to Gallatin Valley Chiropractic to see one of our great Chiropractors, and see what they can do!

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