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Your spinal cord runs directly through an opening in the middle of the vertebrae and sends signals to every muscle, organ, and system of the body. Between each pair of cervical vertebrae, the spinal cord sends out a nerve "roots". These run out to the neck, upper back, and down to the hands and fingers. This means that if you get pain, numbness, tinging, cold or other symptoms in your hand and arm, it can actually be a problem in your neck! This is often seen by chiropractors and can often mimic and can be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes a similar tingling, weakness, numbness, and pain in the wrist and hand.


Your spinal curves are your shock absorbers...

Your neck was also created with built-in shock absorbers, including both the intervertebral disc and what is called a cervical lordosis, or curve. Both the discs and the curve act like a spring and dampen the force of your head resting on your neck. This protects the delicate structures in the neck when axial forces are applied, such as if something were to fall onto your head, or if you hit a bump in your car. 

Your neck can lose the lordotic curve when ligaments of the neck become stretched and lose their ability to maintain the curve. This is common with those who work long hours seated, whether driving or sitting at a computer. A comparison to a healthy curve to a flattened, degenerated one, is similar to the idea of a bowling ball resting on top of a spring versus a bowling ball on top of a stick. This loss of the lordotic curve can also occur after an automobile accident, with chronic poor posture, or old, untreated injuries, creating vertebral misalignments.

Posture and Neck Pain


Poor Posture is a very common cause of joint dysfunction in the neck, and can cause problems in the shoulders and upper back as well, and even cause a lot of head aches! Most commonly we see patients with what is called "Upper Cross Syndrome" which is caused by excessively tight musculature in the front of the chest, which overcompensate for weak muscles in the back. This is a a condition we often treat in our chiropractic office. Bad posture is often the result of poor habits such as reading in bed, slouching while sitting or driving, texting, and leaning forward to look at a computer screen, that result in muscular imbalances. 

We as chiropractors not only address the physical injury caused by poor posture, but try and root out the habits that cause it. Chiropractic spinal manipulation for neck pain has been shown to be effective for condition management, and very cost effective when compared to other forms of care for neck pain. The doctors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic make every effort to maintain a research informed practice; links to recent research supporting chiropractic care for neck pain can be found below.

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