How does a Chiropractic treatment plan work?

What to Expect at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic of Bozeman?

At Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, we take pride in our relaxed atmosphere, and feel that a patient should NEVER be pressured into care that they do not feel comfortable with.  Our chiropractors recommend the care that they feel will work the best for your specific case. The patient's care is our primary goal: we believe that chiropractic treatment that you want is entirely your choice, and you will never be forced into unnecessary or excessive treatment.  You get chiropractic the way YOU want it.  We do not require any contracts or payment in advance for care.  We are confident that you will visit us again because you want to, and not because you are forced to.

Typical care plans follow some general guidelines:

Phase 1: Relief Care

Our first goal with any patient experiencing pain, is pain reduction. After the pain starts to subside, (which frequently happens very quickly!) we work to change the underlying issue that caused the pain in the first place. Sometimes it is residual scar tissue from an old injury, sometimes it is due to improper workplace ergonomics. Whatever the case, the doctors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic are trained and ready to help you find a long-term solution to your pain!

It is commonly thought that if there isn't any pain, then there is nothing wrong.  Unfortunately, pain can be a poor measure of health, and pain can  appear only after the dysfunction becomes severe enough to cause damage to tissue.

Phase 2: Corrective Care

During the corrective, or restorative phase of your care, you will generally need to be seen much less frequently than you did during the initial or acute phase of care. As clinicians, we generally try to shift to major effort to the patient with active care strategies. Depending on the condition, you may be given stretches and exercises to do on your own to help correct and restore the original structure of your spine, as well as accelerate your healing. 

To help prevent further injury, you have the option to receive corrective care.  During this phase, the core spinal muscles and surrounding tissues are helped to heal more completely to keep the spine in its healthy state. In this phase of care, people typically receive care a couple of times per month, in conjunction with at-home stretches and core exercises to maintain flexibility and strength in the spine. 

Phase 3: Wellness Care

After a course of corrective care with your chiropractors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, routine chiropractic care can really help ensure that your pain does not return so you can keep on enjoying your favorite activities around Bozeman!  It is like exercising and maintaining a proper diet; it works better if you continue with consistent, periodic care to ensure your health of the spine.

When you choose make chiropractic a routine part of your lifestyle, you can avoid lots of the aches and pains that most people without care suffer from on a daily basis.  With proper treatment from your chiropractor, your joints can last longer and you can prevent debilitating conditions of the spine like arthritis and disc degeneration. 

We work hard to make this kind of care affordable and accessible. Check out our monthly membership packages HERE.

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