Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic of Bozeman

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  • "Dr. Rising is great to work with and is a phenomenal doctor. I had suffered from headaches since I was very young and did not believe in going to the Chiropractor. After meeting Dustin through the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce and briefly talking to him about my daily headaches, I went in on a whim......and I am so thankful that I did. I don't suffer from headaches any longer. I would highly recommend Dr. Rising and encourage those stubborn people out there like me to give him a try!"
    Chris from Bozeman, MT
  • "There are several things I love about GVC. 1) their ease of scheduling is great! 2) quick appointments 3) they know what they are doing! 4) friendly staff. This is 100% my top pick for chiropractors in Bozeman!"
    Kate H. from Bozeman MT
  • "Dr. Rising himself was very approachable and professional when he introduced himself. He spent a great deal of time with me as he went over my patient intake form in the exam room. After thorough tests, he explained my condition in detail and discussed chiropractic techniques and follow-up care that would be good for me. I felt like I was literally in good hands. He also answered my many questions promptly and completely. He made me feel like I was an integral part of my healing process and we were a team in helping me feel better.
    After only two treatments, my neck feels great! I still see Dr. Rising for my occasional stiffness, but I have greater range of motion and no pain despite my physically demanding job. I highly recommend Dr. Rising for acute or chronic pain. His personality, professionalism, and knowledge are great assets. Dr. Rising and Gallatin Valley Chiropractic are wonderful options in the alternative healthcare community."
    -Dana from Bozeman MT
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Clay for about a month about a hip issue. He quickly diagnosed it, gave me a plan to make it stronger and ultimately helped me get back to 100%. I highly recommend these guys if you're having any chiropractic issues. I'm normally the kind of person who tries to let their body heal with time and break from physical activity but Dr. Clay put me on the right track and got me back to where I was before my fall. I am forever grateful!!!!Thank you so so much doc, I am still feeling incredible relief and my posture feels almost straight compared to the crooked position I was in when I met you."
    Zach E. from Bozeman MT
  • "After a terrible snowboarding accident I found myself unable to get out of bed. I had heard of Dr. Rising from several friends and decided to give it a try. My dad came and helped me to the clinic the next day. The staff was very helpful and Dr. Rising was second to none. He was with me through the whole process and made sure that I was comfortable with all of the procedures he performed. After some ultrasound and a cold pack he performed some light adjustments to the area and I was able to walk out with significantly less pain. I went back to Dr. Rising a few more times and now am on a month to month basis and have never felt this good. He even took the time to write an back strengthening program for me which has helped tremendously. I tip my hat to Dr. Rising and am thankful for all he has done!"
    -Kevin from Bozeman
  • "Dr. Clay is absolutely a wonderful chiropractor who really listens to you and your unique ailments. He takes his time during the consult and adjustment , plus he isn’t trying to (up)sell you, and his staff is very friendly. Highly recommend him and this practice."
    Gene K. from Bozeman
  • "Dr. Rachel was wonderful to work with. She’s caring, compassionate and has an abundance of knowledge in the prenatal field. I personally had terrible pain during pregnancy and Rachel was able to reduce my discomfort considerably. My favorite part was that she didn’t want to adjust my neck during each visit like my prior chiropractor (after all I wasn’t having neck issues!). I highly recommend GVC!"
    -Ashley F. from Bozeman MT
  • "Dr Clay Winters was a life saver! I was a traveler having difficulty getting a same-day appointment with a chiropractor. I had chronic spine pain, muscle spasms and new vertigo for several days . Dr Winters kindly took me in at the end of the day. He read a note from my home chiropractor and discussed my problem with me. He was caring and concerned treating me with ART and needed manipulation for chronic rotary scoliosis. He was wonderful, an excellent chiropractor and I highly recommend him. He made me wish I lived in Bozeman."
    - Dorothy W. from Shalimar FL
  • "Dr. Rachel adjusted me when I was pregnant and did a wonderful job! She's friendly, skilled and professional. I highly recommend GVC."
    Annie Y. from Bozeman MT

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