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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition of the spine that creates lateral curvature, often causing back pain and stiffness. Scoliosis typically occurs more commonly in females, and begins during growth in childhood. If scoliosis is detected during early childhood, proper treatment can prevent worsening over time. Chiropractic care can help ease the tension of joints and structures of the spine, and alleviate a great deal of the pain associated with scoliosis.

Scoliosis is typically first detected during school screenings, and is generally first visible in the thoracic spine. Vertebrae can rotate, resulting in a hump in the rib cage. Often times this curve makes the hips and shoulders uneven, and can cause low back pain in addition to pain between the shoulder blades. 

Degeneration and Scoliosis

In some instances, degenerative processes occurring in the spine cause scoliosis. Osteoporosis occurs when the bones weaken and lose density, mostly in older people. This weakening of the vertebrae can cause the vertebral body to partially collapse, and create the curve causing scoliosis or kyphosis (rounded back). If left untreated, complications including severe back pain, bone deformities, organ compression, and breathing problems can occur.

How can Chiropractic Care help?

Regular visits are advised to observe and monitor the progression of the scoliosis. Scoliosis can  be effectively treated in various non-invasive ways to help alleviate back pain and restore proper function.

Depending on the severity and progression of your scoliosis, an orthopedic brace in conjunction with chiropractic care can prevent the curve from worsening and affecting normal activities.  In severe cases, spine straightening surgery is generally considered, but only after the conservative treatment fails, and the curvature continues to worsen. 

Chiropractic care can help improve this condition. Our chiropractors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic look at your your spine and other health factors affecting your lifestyle. In order to identify the cause of the problem, we discuss your current symptoms along with injury history, in order to properly diagnose and render the best possible treatment for your specific case.

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