• Why does my back crack on it's own
    Everybody knows that chiropractors are pros at getting backs to pop and crack, but what about when your back pops and cracks on it's own? This will often leave patients Read more
  • Do I have back pain or kidney stones?
    Understanding back pain back pain, especially low back pain is incredibly common. According to the CDC in 2019 almost 39% of all adults experienced back pain in the U.S. General Read more
  • Will an inversion table help my sciatica?
    Can inversion tables help with my back pain and sciatica? Sciatica is defined as compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve causing extending nerve pain, often times down the back of Read more
  • Family Friendly Chiropractic Care Bozeman Montana
    Family Friendly Chiropractic Care The staff and doctors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic welcome you to our family-friendly chiropractor blog, we here are all dedicated to promoting specialized and the very best Read more
  • What am I doing to cause my ribs to come out of alignment?
    What am I doing to cause my ribs to come out of alignment? If you have had a rib "go out" or if you've been told you that you have a Read more
  • I Felt Worse after Dry Needling... Why?
    I Felt Worse after Dry Needling... Why? Dry needling involves the act of inserting a blunt tipped, fine filament needle into an area of pain or dysfunction. The objective of dry Read more
  • How to use a percussion massager
    How to use a percussion massager Percussion massagers have increased in popularity over the last decade due to mainstream marketing and the endorsement of some of the most elite athletes. This Read more
  • How do I know if I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?
    The ulnar nerve is one of the key nerves that comes from the cervical spine that innervates the tissues in the medial arm. Often times the ulnar nerve can get Read more
  • Chiropractor Friendly Shoes
    When it comes to selecting shoes that are chiropractor-friendly, there are several factors to consider. These features can help promote proper alignment, support good posture, and minimize strain on your Read more
  • Why Does my Ankle Pop When Walking
    What are the reasons my ankle makes noise when I walk? Popping felt in joints while walking, especially the ankles is a very common phenomenon that people consult the doctors at Read more
  • My low back got sore after my last chiropractic adjustment, is that normal?
    Experiencing some discomfort or soreness after a chiropractic adjustment is not uncommon and can be considered normal in certain cases. It is known as post-adjustment soreness and typically occurs due Read more
  • Chiropractic Friendly Wallets
    Which Wallets or Money Clips are the most Chiropractor Friendly?  Chiropractors are often consulted on what to look for in wallets to make them as ergonomic as possible. If you're looking Read more
  • Waking Up With Pain For No Reason
    Poor sleeping posture: Sleeping position matters... when your sleeping in a position that is not favorable to the spine, meaning it is not in a generally neutral position, it can cause Read more
  • Chiropractic Friendly Office Chairs
    Creating a chiropractic-friendly office environment involves careful consideration of the office chairs you choose. To ensure optimal comfort and support, here are important features to look for in chiropractic-friendly office Read more
  • Does Chiropractic Care help your Fascia?
    What is Fascia Fascia is still a misunderstood and complicated component of the body that is continually being researched. What we do know about fascia is that it is a web Read more
  • List of all the times you shouldn't see a chiropractor
    List of all the times you shouldn't see a chiropractor Conditions that deem patients unsafe for chiropractic manual adjustments are called contraindications. These contraindications are looked for with each and every Read more


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