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Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Did you know that approximately 50% of all pregnant women will experience back pain throughout her pregnancy and 50-70% of women will report feeling some back pain during labor? Did you know that Chiropractic Care, especially using the Webster Technique, can help reduce pain during pregnancy and improve overall function? A survey showed that 84% of women that received chiropractic care during their pregnancy noticed a decrease in back pain.Webster Certified Pregnancy

There are many reasons why women experience increased back pain during their pregnancy. The increase in weight gain causes a shift in posture by increasing the curvature in the low back. This puts extra pressure on the spinal discs and joints, leading to back pain, decreased motion in the joints and general discomfort. The remainder of the spine will try to accommodate for this shift and the result is mid back pain and neck pain, in most cases.  In addition, as the pregnancy progresses, the increase in hormones (progesterone, estrogen and relaxin) causes further movement in the pelvis to prepare the body for childbirth and leads to instability in the pelvis.
                                                                                  Dr. Rachel Rising 
                                                                                 - Webster Certified Pregnancy Chiropractor

Women that experience back pain during their pregnancy are also THREE TIMES more likely to get “back labor” during delivery.  Also, studies have proven that women that are adjusted during their first pregnancy experience on average, a 25% SHORTER LABOR TIME and women that follow up with a chiropractor for their subsequent pregnancies notice a DECREASED LABOR TIME by 31%!

Occasionally (3-4.6%), babies will become breech in the womb. This may cause complications during delivery and may require a cesarean section delivery. When the Webster Technique is used in office by a chiropractor, 92% of these breech babies end up moving “head down” and can be born naturally. This is especially important since vaginal deliveries have a shorter healing period, and babies benefit from passing through the birth canal. A natural delivery helps boost their nervous system by providing proprioceptive stimulation. They are able to clear fluid from their lungs more efficiently and their skull undergoes cranial molding, which promotes a nice, rounded head.

The Webster Technique is a gentle and safe analysis of the sacrum and musculature of the pelvis. An adjustment is applied to the tailbone and the round ligaments of the uterus are loosened using trigger point therapy. This technique addresses the cause of intrauterine constraint, which is often the cause of a breech presentation. The fetus is encouraged to assume a more natural position in the womb, usually head down and can get in the best possible position for birth.

If you have any questions about how chiropractic care can help you during your pregnancy, or if you are breech and are interested in more gentle, effective options to the external cephalic version, call our office at 406.551.2177.  Dr. Rachel Rising is a Pregnancy Chiropractor and Certified in Webster Technique and is now taking new patients!   Dr. Rachel is happy to address any concerns you may have with your pregnancy.

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