Chiropractor Friendly Shoes

When it comes to selecting shoes that are chiropractor-friendly, there are several factors to consider. These features can help promote proper alignment, support good posture, and minimize strain on your back and joints. Here are some key elements to look for:
Arch Support: Choose shoes that offer adequate arch support. This helps maintain the natural arch of your foot which will decrease strain on the spine, as well as promote a proper gait while walking.
chiropractic friendly shoes, advice for what shoes to get according to a chiropractorCushioning: Opt for shoes with sufficient cushioning, as this helps absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet and joints throughout your spine. Good cushioning can lessen the strain on your back, especially with individuals who are on their feet all day for work.

Comfortability: Focus more on the feeling of the shoes, over the looks of them. Having shoes that are too tight in the toe box or rub your heel creating what is called a Haglund's deformity can also cause compensations in gait and discomfort.

Low Heel: Select shoes with a low heel. High heels can alter your posture and put more pressure on your low back. Shoes with a heel height of one inch or less are generally recommended for the least amount of pressure on the low back.
chiropractic friendly shoes, advice for what shoes to get according to a chiropractorRoomy Toe Box: Ensure that the shoes have a spacious toe box, allowing your toes to move freely. Too much pressure can decrease the muscle activation of the intrinsic muscles in the foot which are responsible for gait and support. Pressure can also cause bunions to from on the inside and outside of the foot.

Lightweight and Flexible: Choose shoes that are lightweight and flexible, enabling natural foot movement. The ankle joint is anatomically designed to be more mobile. Therefor, having a more rigid shoe that restricts natural movement can actually cause more strain on the knees since the ankle can't move as it wants to.

Proper Fit: Again, important aspects of fit are an adequate toe box, proper heel height and comfort over style.

 Feet, just like people can vary greatly, which will change the needs of each individual. The doctors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic have extensive training in gait and the biomechanics of the feet, so if anyone ever has any questions or concerns regarding their footwear the doctors are always happy to help!
We at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic believe in taking a whole body approach to get to the root cause of any pain or dysfunction. We consistently inform people that although the proper footwear will help improve discomfort and function, other aspects such as hip mobility, exercise volume, rest and diet are all components that should be considered with every patient.


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