Vitamin D from Sunlight

Brighten your mood with sunlight

Getting the right sun exposure has been shown to have many health benefits which help trigger natural mood-lifting effects. Being out in the sun improves sleep, elevates mood and energy levels, promotes vitamin D production, and can create a positive sense of well being in individuals.

Vitamin D production starts right when the sun's UV-B rays hit your skin, and convert a prohormone in your skin into vitamin D3, and becomes active after being converted to active Vitamin D in your liver and kidneys. Vitamin D is a very important attribute for bone health and immunity, and also protects against cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakening of bones. 

It is crucial for optimal health and disease prevention.

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Without routine exposure to the sun, individuals may develop a depressive syndrome called seasonal affective disorder. This disorder is due to a hormonal imbalance created by lack of light. It is estimated that 10-12 million people in the US suffer from seasonal affective disorder while about 25 million people suffer from a less extreme condition called the “winter blues”. Both of these conditions are related directly to lack of sun exposure.

Getting the right amount of sun exposure is beneficial to your health and a great way to boost your mood in a natural way. But how much is enough? Research has shown that getting only 10-20 min of sunshine a day is enough to receive benefits.

Listed below are some tips on how to boost your mood

  • Spend time outside
  • Get some sunshine
  • Get regular exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Focus on the positive
  • Get adequate amounts of vitamin D
  • Listen to music
  • Smile, laugh, be social
  • GET Adjusted!

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