Warning Signs That You Need Adjusted


When do I NEED to get adjusted?  Is this is a condition that can just get better with time or so I need to address this now?  Here are some indicators that you need to get adjusted by a chiropractor!  

You Start to Feel “Locked Up.” 

The feeling of being locked up is often described as a deep pressure, or desire to move a direction that your body isn't allowing you. This can be noticed when you proceed with your normal daily routine but notice more strain than usual. Examples would be bending down to pick up the dog bowl and feeling a lot of tension in the low back, or reaching overhead in the kitchen and notice your upper back back just won't extend backwards to allow your arms to get completely overhead. These are classic signs you may need an adjustment to get things moving again.


You Are Noticing Headaches More Often

Head aches are often classified as cervicogenic, meaning headaches originating from the cervical spine (the neck). The stresses of work and life can often increase the tension in the musculature of the neck causing misalignment of vertebrae resulting in more frequent headaches and often time neck pain. Getting adjusted and receiving soft tissue work is a great way to help manage and avoid headaches that are caused by the neck.

You've Been Experiencing Brain Fog

Brain fog relief is an under appreciated benefit of receiving chiropractic care. Brain fog can often be caused from misalignments of the cervical spine putting pressure on the nerves and vasculature that is traveling to the brain. Patients have repeatedly shown improvements with brain fog following chiropractic care. 

You've Been More Sedentary Than Normal

Long car rides, bed rest from an illness or just long hours working in a seated position are very common causes of being overly sedentary.  The problem with being more sedentary is that it results in increased stiffness in your joints, muscle imbalances and misalignments in your vertebrae. This is a likely contribution to general aches and pains you feel each day after working at your desk all day. 

You Feel Achy and Fatigued

Being adjusted has a lot more benefits that meet the eye, such as 

  • Improving respiration capacity 
  • Improving blood flow 
  • Improving the function of the body internally! 

warning signs it is time to get adjusted

Often times, patients will notice immediately they have an easier time taking a deep breath after being adjusted. This is important for that achy and fatigued feeling because increasing blood oxygen saturation supplies the brain, muscles and tissues of the body with more oxygen, equaling more energy and better overall function.

There are a million different reasons of why you should visit the chiropractors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic. Even if none of the warning signs listed above apply to you, receiving chiropractic care is a great way to feel your best and possibly avoid future injury. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule!


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