Recovering Quicker with Chiropractic Care

How to Recover Quicker with Chiropractic Care

What is the key to recovering quicker? A question we often get is "how many visits will it take to get me better?" That answer often times depends on the patient themselves. We will go over three ways that will be very beneficial in promoting a quicker and smoother recovery.

Staying Consistent with Care Inside and Outside of the Clinic. 

Your chiropractor will tell you when to come in for the next appointment based off of selective reasoning. The doctors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic are heavily trained in this subject and plan accordingly when determining when you should come in and how often. Additionally they know what it takes for you to get better. Another reason why the prescribed home exercises or stretches they give to you, are crucial they are performed during the recovery process.  
The time it takes injuries to heal and the time it takes to correct dysfunctions, depends on many different variables such as severity or how long the injury has been going on.



Don't go Back to Doing the Same Things That are Causing you Pain and Dysfunction.

Whether it's postural habits, stress, diet, work related etc. If you expect to get better by being adjusted then going back to your life and doing the same things that are causing the problem will likely delay or prevent the healing process. You wouldn't eat healthy for a week, then eat junk food the week after and expect to see any change would you? Commit to getting better every day.  


Keep Moving!

 It's proven sedentary lifestyles increase morbidity and mortality rates, and often times result in more joint pain. One of the most common excuses people stop exercising is lack of time. Make the decision to reserve 30 minutes of your day to do something as simple as going on a walk and your body will thank you with less pain. Don't be afraid of movement. The answer to fixing areas that are painful when moving or have difficulty moving, is often times more movement!


We at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic always want to see our patients get better as quick as possible. By using chiropractic care as a tool to feeling better, and taking these three quick and easy steps outside of the clinic, you can have a quicker recovery. For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call to chat with one of our doctors.

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