Sciatica Pain/Treatment

What is sciatica?piriformis syndrome, chiropractic, bozeman montana gallatin valley chiropractic.

Chiropractors commonly see patients presenting with what is called sciatic nerve pain, but what is sciatica?  Sciatica is pain, tingling and/or numbness in the leg that occurs when there is damage or pressure on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is formed by a group of spinal nerves from the third lumbar spinal nerve to the fourth sciatic spinal nerve. The sciatic nerve is located in the pelvic area and runs through the entire leg all the way to the bottom of the foot making it the longest nerve in the body. Sciatica can occur from injuries to the pelvic area, tumors, pregnancy, muscle tightness or any severity of disc injuries. A tightened piriformis muscle can put tension on the sciatic nerve causing pain and radiation, this is known as piriformis syndrome.

How does it present?

Cases vary in how severe the symptoms are; from a slight tingle with a dull ache, to the feeling of electric shock-like jolts anytime movement occurs. Usually the pain is present in only one side of the body where the pressure/damage has occurred; most commonly running from the lower back down through the buttocks area. Pain is known to increase after sitting or standing for an extended period of time, during the night, when coughing or laughing or walking for extended periods of time. The way sciatica presents itself will vary patient to patient and can vary greatly, but specific orthopedic tests can be done to differentiate the injury from others to ensure that the patient is getting the best care possible. 

How does chiropractic help?chiropractic care for sciatica and piriformis syndrome. bozeman montana gallatin valley chiropractic.

Pressure can be relieved from the nerve through chiropractic adjustments by realigning the vertebrae that are applying pressure to the sciatic nerve. By releasing the impingement through spinal adjustments, sciatica symptoms will decrease. Stretching and releasing the piriformis muscle can also help treat sciatica after the spine and pelvis have been aligned.  At Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, we treat a great variation of disc injuries and sciatic problems and we have specific chiropractic adjustments as well as three different forms of intersegmental traction to help with your sciatica pain, designed to decompress the areas affected. Additionally, our doctors are certified in dry needling which has great results in decreasing pain and severity of sciatica. 

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