Does Chiropractic Care help your Fascia?

What is FasciaDoes chiropractic care help your fascia, gallatin valley chiropractic bozeman montana

Fascia is still a misunderstood and complicated component of the body that is continually being researched. What we do know about fascia is that it is a web like connective tissue that is rich in collagen fibers, making it extremely durable, yet elastic tissue. Fascia has a number of functions, two important functions to note are,

  1. Fascia encases and compresses each of the muscles of the body individually, providing structure as well as allowing the muscles to produce more elastic energy. 
  2. Fascia adds a slick layer between tissues to better help them glide over each other with movement.

What Can Happen to Fascia?

Fascia is the common denominator that connects the tissues throughout the entire body. This concept was first introduced by Thomas Myers in his Book 'Anatomy Trains.' Thomas Myers explains that the body's muscles shouldn't be thought of individually, but as a system that has connections throughout the entire body through the fascial system. Therefor, the big idea behind this theory is that any muscle in any given place, can effect any other place in the body. For example, having tension throughout the bottom of the feet can effect a persons ability to bend at the waste. 

Another way to think about this would be as if you had a child tug on the bottom of a pant leg, you would see and feel the pants move all the way at the top of the pants even though the force was at the bottom of the pant leg.

Fascia, as discussed in the beginning of the blog, allows tissue to stay frictionless and glide over other surrounding musculature and tissues. Often times fascia, either due to trauma (repetitive or traumatic), being sedentary or misuse, can result in fascia losing that glide and get stuck on nearby tissues and adhere. This can inhibit mobility and create pain in more areas than just the location the fascia is getting stuck.

What do Chiropractors Have to do With Fascia?

What do chiropractors have to do with fascia and how can they  help. Gallatin Valley Chiropractic Bozeman montanaChiropractors are extensively trained in the biomechanics of the body. During your visit to the chiropractor, you will be asked to perform top tier movements so your doctor can look for any aberrant patterns of movement. Chiropractors are also heavily trained in palpation, meaning they have the unique skill of feeling where there is changes in tissue texture. Examples of these changes would be if tissues feel ropey, stringy, lumpy or even leathery with some chronic injuries. These changes in tissue texture can also result in vertebrae becoming immobile and misaligned, which can be pain causing and inhibit movement.

Other Than Adjusting How Else Can Chiropractors Help Fascial Restrictions?

The chiropractors at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic are trained in a number of different fascia releasing modalities that are backed with great research. These modalities include

For additional information on these techniques please visit our website for a detailed description of each modality. Any one of these modalities along with adjusting are amazing ways to regain that fascial movement and regain motion throughout the body.

At home care for your fascia will often involve your chiropractor prescribing you exercises and stretches to do, such as foam rolling, using a lacrosse ball to release adhesions, or simply movement specific stretches. 



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