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Three Big Functions of the Feet

The human foot has over 100 small muscles, is made up of 26 bones forming 30 joints. The feet have a number of different functions, three important functions include, 

  1. Movement 
  2. Balance and 
  3. Shock absorption by the arches of the feet. With all these small bones, muscles and connective tissue, maintaining optimal function and health of the foot is important for not only the feet but for the entire body. 

can orthotics be helpful

Besides adjusting and performing soft tissue work on the feet such as Active Release and Graston Technique, another way we at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic help our patients with foot pain is by offering custom orthotics, created by the professionals at Foot Levelers. Custom Orthotics are designed to give you the perfect orthotic to cater to your feet's individual needs. We start by having the patient stand in a foam bed (as seen in the photo). The foam adheres to the foot to get an exact mold, custom to your foot. This foam bed is sent over to Foot Levelers to form the perfect fit orthotic for your feet. This is what makes our custom orthotics different from what you would buy at the store. We do this because your feet aren't the same as anyone else's feet, so we think that your orthotics shouldn't be the same either!

Can Orthotics be Helpful?

Orthotics are a great way to help take some of the responsibility away from those small intrinsic muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet. The most important benefit of orthotics are that they are great for maintaining the arches of the foot. When most people picture the arch of the foot, they think of the main arch on the inside of your foot below your ankle bone. What most people don't know, is there is also an arch on the outside of the foot, and one in the middle, where the ball of your feet meet the toes. The quality of these three arches can effect the way the feet transmit forces throughout the rest of the body during normal movements such as walking, or stationary activities such as standing. The arches of the foot are designed like springs, they have a huge effect on how well your body absorbs shock. Therefor, flatter feet mean more force into the ankles, knees, hips and low back.

Let's look at an example... say the outside arch of the foot is collapsedflat feet, custom orthotics helping support lateral arch, chiropractic gallatin valley chiropractic because of muscles, tendons or ligaments forming the arch are weak, or lacking tensegrity (imagine a limp rubber band instead of a rubber band that was pulled tight). This can lead to a pronated foot, potentially causing plantar fasciitis, bunions and an increased risk of spraining the ankle. This can also put more force and rotation into the knee, adding unwanted rotation to the hip, as well as placing additional strain on the low back. 

Our doctors are happy to perform an evaluation to see if custom orthotics are the right choice for you!

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