• Dry Needling for Disc Injury- Bozeman Montana Chiropractors
    Dry Needling for Disc Herniation Dry needling or 'trigger point therapy', is a myofascial technique that involves the application of a small filament needle into the effected areas. Dry needling got Read more
  • Inversion Table Home Care For Lower Back Pain
    The intention behind inversion table treatment is to provide traction through the spine that opens joints and disc spaces. Inversion treatment, as the name suggests, puts the patient in an upside down, or partially upside down position; most inversion tables have the option to be inverted at lower angles than fully inverted. In all research trials found, except for one published in 1985, inversion table therapy showed significant increases in blood pressure and cardiovascular risk. Similar to inversion therapy, mechanical traction used in many chiropractic and physical therapy clinics provides a similar intention of creating space in the joints and discs of the spine while keeping the patients in a neutral, horizontal position, avoiding the cardiovascular risk and head full of blood sensation. Read more
  • Most Common Causes of Sciatica and Treatment Options
    Sciatic Nerve Pain...Common causes and top treatment options! That shooting pain that travels down the back of the leg…it often co-occurs with significant low back pain and can include numbness, tingling Read more


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