Chiropractic Friendly Wallets

Which Wallets or Money Clips are the most Chiropractor Friendly? 

Chiropractors are often consulted on what to look for in wallets to make them as ergonomic as possible. If you're looking for a wallet that your chiropractor would approve of, here are a few components you should consider:

Slim and non bulky design:

If you're a fan of 90's sitcoms you've probably heard of the George Costanza wallet featured in Seinfeld.which wallet should i have to avoid low back pain An overflowing, bulky wallet that is as thick as a book. This design is the opposite of what your chiropractor is looking for. Bulky wallets are likely to create an imbalance in your hips and posture, as well as add unnecessary strain on your low back when you sit with the wallet in your back pocket.  Whether money clip or wallet we recommend patients to carry their wallets in the front pocket.

Less is more: 

Chiropractors prefer a wallet that requires you to carry only the essential items. Fewer cards, cash, and unnecessary items will help lower the overall weight and thickness of the wallet, making it more comfortable and ergonomic.  For people that carry a bunch of credit cards, remember that most places now take apple pay or similar cell phone apps that can use your credit card without the card actually being present.

Front Pocket Wallets:

Using a front pocket wallet is an easy alternative to never having to worry if you are sitting on your wallet or not. Havingwhich wallets are preferred chiropractic your wallet in the front pocket opposed to the back will also distributes the weight of the wallet more evenly, reducing strain on the low back.  Standing is not as big of issue with a back carry wallet but sitting on a back carry wallet is NOT recommended due to the unbalance it can create on the hips and lower back.  We have cases at our clinic where patients of ours that sit on large wallets for long periods at a time (such as truck drivers), it can cause a sideways curvature of the spine that resembles scoliosis!

Quality and Support: 

Ensure that the wallet is made of durable materials and has good construction quality. A well-made wallet can offer better support and longevity.

Our Chiropractor Recommendations (click on picture for link to amazon)

chiropractic friendly wallets chiropractic 

chiropractic friendly wallets chiropractic

Back pain can be debilitating and overall just annoying.. but often times avoidable! Looking at what type of wallet you have is an easy and effective place to start to begin rehabilitating your discomfort. It's important to remember that any type of pain is often multidimensional. Meaning components such as exercise level, diet, water intake, rest and mental health should all be considered with every case. Seek appropriate medical advice or treatment if the pain persists or worsens.



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