How Long Does a Chiropractic Visit Last?

How Long Does a Chiropractic Visit Last?

If you are curious about how long a typical visit to the chiropractor lasts, it depends on a few different factors. These factors include if you are a new patient, if it's been over a year since your last visit, if you need additional services such as Dry Needling, as well as where you are on your recovery. 

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New Patient Visit

  • A new patient appointment generally lasts about 30 minutes long. This includes patients who have never been treated in the clinic before.

Established Patient Visit- Adjusting Only

  • If you have already had your new patient exam, you are now considered an established patient. Visits length will vary from patient to patient. 
  • Depending on where the patient is on their recovery, some patients with more to work on, require more time and utilize the entire 15 minutes. While other patients who get adjusted more for maintenance, or have less severe problems and are on the tail end of their recovery typically last around 5-10 minutes


  • For established patients who have not been into the clinic for over a year, they are required to have a re-exam. These re-exams generally take about 20-30 minutes long, and are similar to a new patient exam. 

Established Patient Visit- with Additional ServicesHow long does a chiropractic visit last, gallatin valley chiropractic bozeman montana

  • Gallatin Valley Chiropractic offers a number of different modalities such as Dry Needling, Graston, Active Release Technique, Kinesiology Taping, Electrical Stimulation and traction. If these modalities are being performed, with or without adjusting, visits are generally  about 15 minutes long

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