• Hip impingement (FAI) Managed with Chiropractic Care
    What is Hip Impingement or FAI? What is hip impingement. Hip impingement or FAI (femoroacetabulum impingement) is the actual pinching that takes place between the bone of the femur and the Read more
  • Is it bad if I pop my own neck or back?
    The latest blog from Gallatin Valley Chiropractic delves into the common query: "Is it okay to pop my own back or neck?" This insightful post explores the dos and don'ts of self-adjustments, providing valuable guidance from chiropractic experts. Discover the importance of professional care for optimal spine health and long-term well-being. Gain a comprehensive understanding of self-adjustment practices and learn why prioritizing your spine's health is crucial. Explore the blog now for a closer look at self-adjustments and expert advice on maintaining a healthy spine Read more


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