• Healthy Eating
    With springtime here and summer rolling in quickly on its heels, many of us get excited about the fresh produce hitting the shelves of our local markets. Many of us Read more
  • The Skinny on Diet Sodas
    The Skinny on Diet Sodas As with many health care topics, there are disagreements within research regarding the safety and benefit of diet sodas and the artificial sweeteners. While many studies Read more
  • CSA Day 2017
    CSA Day 2017 For most of us, February is early to be thinking about summer gardening, but not if you are a farmer. The last Friday in February is CSA Day! CSA Read more
  • Coffee...Healthy or Unhealthy?
    Coffee...Healthy or Unhealthy? There are big grey areas regarding health when it comes to coffee. The first point to consider is that coffee (caffeine) is a drug...plain and simple...it has been Read more
  • Is Gluten Intolerance real or just a new FAD disease??
    Gluten Intolerance? Health conditions associated with Gluten have become a "fad" of sorts among health care providers and people that self-diagnose... Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other similar grains. Celiac Read more


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