• Can Chiropractic Care help with Tinnitus?
    Can Chiropractic Care help with Tinnitus? Chiropractic care is a viable option for patients who suffer from tinnitus. There is a case study (link here) done in 2010 involving a 40 Read more
  • Importance of Exercise with Chiropractic Care
    Does Chiropractic Care Require a Lot of Visits? A common misconception about chiropractic care is that it requires an excessive amount of visits, for a very long time. By educating, and Read more
  • Do you get low back pain with skiing? This could be why!
    The human body can be described as a sequence of stable segments connected together by mobile joints. If this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensation may occur. This is very common on skiing because of all the rotation involved. If the hips and thoracic spine is lacking mobility the low back has to compensate resulting in possible injury and pain. Read more
  • Should I do Cardio or Strength stuff for HEALTH?
     Should I do cardio or strength stuff for health? Getting back into shape? Looking to keep off the winter weight? What are you going to do? These are all common questions Read more
  • What stretches should I do when hiking?
      When planning your trip out backpacking, hiking, or hunting this weekend, consider incorporating more stretching before and after your exercise. Stretching before and after exercise will maximizing your performance and Read more


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