Chiropractic and Ear Infections

How Chiropractic care can help with Ear Infections

Did you know that last year alone, over 110 MILLION prescriptions for antibiotics were given out to treat ear infections? According to experts, almost 50% of these prescriptions were unnecessary and ineffective!

What is an ear infection? Acute Otitis Media is explained as the presence of fluid in the middle ear chamber, coupled with irritability, restlessness, redness on the ear drum, tugging at the ear, etc. The best treatment is still under debate, however antibiotics seem to be the first line of defense in the medical sector.

It is to note that recent studies are now indicating that antibiotics are ineffective in resolving the signs and symptoms of ear infections. In fact, a journal reported that only 1 in 8 children that are given antibiotics to resolve ear infections, do notice a benefit to the medication. Children who were given a placebo recovered at the same rate as those who received antibiotics. The study showed that within 1 week, 81% of the placebo patients had overcome their infection.

The side effects and development of antibiotic resistance is becoming a concern to researchers as well as parents. Chiropractors and other holistic practitioners have worried that children given antibiotics for ear infections would develop a resistance to the medication and that if antibiotics were needed in the future for a more severe issue, that they would be ineffective. It is now being recommended that medical doctors wait 48-72 following the onset of an ear infection before prescribing any antibiotics to allow the body to resolve itself.

Other studies have stated that children that are given amoxicillin to treat an ear infection are 2 to 6 times MORE LIKELY to have a recurrence of their symptoms. Unfortunately, Amoxicillin is still the most prescribed drug to treat Otitis Media. The Journal of the American Medical Association also reported that in all the cases where children received tubes in their ears, only 58% of these were necessary.

There is a VERY STRONG connection between dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal components of the Eustachian tubes and infections of the middle ear. Spinal misalignment in the upper part of the child’s neck causes nerve interference that impairs functioning of the tubes. Specific adjustments reduce the interference and allow the body to function optimally and heal naturally.

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