Can I still go to the chiropractor with EDS (Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome)

Can I still go to the chiropractor with EDS (Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome)

Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome is a condition in which there are weak or deficient collagen fibers in the connective tissue caused by a faulty gene, effecting the skin, joints and even blood vessels. This leads to hypermobile joints (increased range of motion), loose skin, and increased susceptibility to blood vessel damage.

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Conditions associated with EDS

Common conditions associated with EDS include...

  • Arnold Chiari malformation 
  • Craniocervical instability that will occasionally result in cervical radiculopathy
  • Increased atlantodental interspace
  • Musculoskeletal pain as well as 
  • Early disc degeneration
  • Blood vessel ruptures
  • Decreased ability for scars to heal.

On more rare occasions the craniocervical instability from ADS can lead to an increased atlantodental Interspace or 'ADI'. Possible symptoms associated with an increased ADI space include cervical pain, cervical radiculopathy extending to the arms, upper motor neuron signs, walking/ gait problems and lack of coordination.

Benefits of people with Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome going to the chiropractor

Individuals with Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome still have a lot to benefit from visiting a chiropractor. With the hypermobile joints comes more risk of joint misalignment. Joint misalignment can result in radiating nerve pain, pain with movement and joint pain. Hypermobile joints can lead to other joints stabilizing to compensate, leading to immobility elsewhere that should be addressed. 

Chiropractors also offer a number of different alternatives to adjusting, such as dry needling (with or without electrical stimulation) cupping, Graston Technique, myofascial release and prescribed exercises. 

Having a professional prescribe stabilization exercises based off of the exam findings is also very important for patients with EDS. This is why we at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic encourage our patients to co-manage their EDS with our chiropractic clinic and a physical therapist. 

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Can I get my neck adjusted with Ahlers- Danlos Syndrome?

If a cervical vertebrae is misaligned or immobile it can result in headaches, radiating pain into the back and arms and neck pain. A light chiropractic adjustment may be administered and can create a dramatic improvement in symptoms. Ruling out atlantodental interspace instability is important, as a neck adjustment can exacerbate symptoms. Exercises are likely to be prescribed to the patient to encourage stability rather than mobility. A manual chiropractic adjustment is less likely to be performed in the upper cervical vertebrae because of the excess mobility likely already present.

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