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What is the Adjustment Where the Chiropractor Pulls on Your Neck?

This adjustment where the chiropractor pulls on your neck is called a long axis distraction of the cervical spine (neck). The adjustment got it's name from the angle at which the neck is adjusted which in this case is straight backwards in a longitudinal axis away from the body. This adjustment does not include the use of a "Y strap," it involves a light and gentle tug performed by the clinicians hands to ensure proper control and depth. 

Why is the Long Axis Distraction Adjustment Performed?

The long axis distraction is performed to decompress the cervical spine or neck. Some patients prefer this adjustment over rotation or side bending adjustments and can create more space for the nerves exiting the spinal cord in the neck. This adjustment is also very safe for patients with history of cervical trauma such as disc injury or nerve impingement.  The Intervertebral Foramen (IVF), which is the opening for the nerves to travel though the vertebrae, is made up of two half circles that create the opening for the nerve root to exit the spinal cord.  The two half circles are each part of two different vertebrae, and when decompressed with a "long axis distraction" adjustment, they can open up and separate, which creates more space for the exiting nerve root.   Chiropractic adjustment pulling on neck for decompression, gallatin valley chiropractic

Who Can Benefit From the Neck Pull?

  1. Patients with disc injuries
  2. Patients who don't want their neck rotated or twisted
  3. Nerve Impingement
  4. Stenosis
  5. Chronic injuries with scar tissue build up

What If I Don't Like the Neck Pull Adjustment?

The neck pull is not an adjustment that has to be done with every patient. The patient also has the option of using what is called a traction table to get a similar effect. The traction table applies a controlled, gentle stretch on the neck as the patient lays on the specialized table. The traction table also has adjustable settings so that the patient gets the exact distraction and time interval they desire.  Learn about other possible techniques to help with neck pain at

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