Summer is here and there is an increase in hiking, biking, swimming and other outdoor activities all done in the heat. When participating in these summer activities hydration is very important and too easily overlooked. Water makes up about 65% of the human body, and about 70% of the brain, making it essential to its proper functioning. When dehydration occurs the excessive water and electrolyte loss can causes problems internally. Dehydration can lead to cramping, running injuries, as well as back and neck spasms (not what you want when you’re out on the trails). Headaches are also a common complaint of dehydrated individuals, in extreme cases migraines result.To avoid these symptoms and enjoy the warm weather safely remember these pointers:

 1. Drink fluids and eat foods with high water contents like fruit
 2. Carefully on your beverage choice, caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating drinks
 3. If you are able to do your activities when its cooler (earlier or later in the day)
 4. Drink sport drinks without high sugar content to replenish your electrolytes
 5. Hydrate by drinking excess water the day before outdoor activities 

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