A Runners Nightmare

What is the runners nightmare? 

Throughout your run you get increasing pain on the lateral side (outside) of the leg beginning with tightness and progressing to debilitating pain resulting in especially when running up or down hill. Also occasionally getting a ‘clicking’ feeling in the knee joint associated with pain as well. If you are experiencing these symptoms, the condition is known as IT Band syndrome and can be devastating for a runner and their training regimen. 

The Illiotibial band extends from the hip attaching to the gluteus medius and minimus, crossing the knee joint attaching to the lateral portion of the patella (kneecap) and continues to run down the tibia attaching to a tibial tubercle (bump) on the shin bone. Its function is to assist in lateral movements of the thigh and provide stabilization for the knee. With weak abductor muscles (glutes) the IT band is compromised and symptoms develop especially with overtraining. The ‘clicking’ that is linked to this condition describes the band rubbing on the surface of the knee. This movement causes inflammation to occur and can cause a tendonitis as well.

Treatment for IT band syndrome includes rest from running, cross training activities like swimming or bicycling can be done to maintain fitness levels while the inflammation resolves. Icing can be done at home to aid the recovery process. Stretches are also needed to loosen any tightness as well as strengthening exercises for any weak muscles responsible for the condition. 

To prevent IT band syndrome strength exercises need to be done for quad and core muscles as well as proper flexibility. Good shoes and running surfaces also decrease the chances for excess stretching of the IT band. When running on a track make sure you are running each direction and not running on sides of the road as they might slope slightly. Stretching is also very important in the prevention of this runner's nightmare.

If you have symptoms running that are still bothering you and stretching is not helping, make sure you schedule an appointment with your Chiropractor in Bozeman to get checked out. Our doctors treat all kinds of running injuries and would be happy to help you with any problems that you may have running.

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