Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity!

Boosting Your Immunity

Your immune system is designed to keep your body healthy and free from viruses and bacteria that can lead to sickness. Your immune system can become weakened if you don't attempt to maintain it. 

Getting a yearly flu shot is one way to prevent getting sick. However, receiving a vaccine alone does not guarantee that you won't come down with a bug. Here are some ways to naturally boost your immune system for the cold and flu season.

  • Wash your hands. Around 80% of infections are spread through contact. Whether it's by coughing, sneezing, or touching infected surfaces, it's always a good precaution to keep your hands and other surfaces clean.

  • Exercise. Getting regular exercise can help stimulate specific immune cells used to fight off viruses. 

  • Sleep. Not getting enough sleep can interfere with your immune system. While you sleep, your body repairs and heals itself. Therefore, getting adequate sleep is essential for maintaining your immunity.

  • Limit stress. Chronic stress can have negative effects on your immunity. When your stressed, negative stress hormones such as prostaglandins and cortisol are released throughout the body, which can weaken your immune system. 

  • Eat right. Nutrient dense, good quality food gives the body energy and provides essential nutrients for your body to function.  
  • Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamins A, C, D (especially during Montana winters...) , E, and B, and Zinc can improve immune function.
  • Get adjusted. Chiropractic care decreases stress on the musculoskeletal and nervous system, which recent research shows can boost the immune system. Chiropractors find spinal areas that are moving poorly, or misaligned, potentially putting pressure and restriction on nerves flowing to internal organs. Adjusting helps to correct the misalignment and restore proper motion to the joint. The body's response to these adjustments, particularly in the upper back, is to increase the production of antibodies, which enhances the body's ability to fight disease!*

Editor's note: We are dedicated to the health and well being of our patients. We feel it is our duty to our community to remain open and available to treat as usual. In order to remain open and to keep our patients safe, we have implemented the following additional precautions as of last week:

  • providing additional hand sanitizing stations for our patients
  • sanitizing our own hands in AND out of each patient room,
  • sanitizing treatment tables and surfaces before AND after each patient

We understand that many of our patients are scared, and we want to prevent the spread of misinformation and look at reputable, expert sources for information from the World Health Organization At and the Centers for Disease Control at

*Teodorczyk-Injeyan JA, McGregor M, Ruegg R, Injeyan HS. Interleukin 2-regulated in vitro antibody production following a single spinal manipulative treatment in normal subjects. Chiropr Osteopat. 2010;18:26. Published 2010 Sep 8. doi:10.1186/1746-1340-18-26 

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