Organic Foods: Is it worth the hype?

We all know that many of the foods we eat can contain pesticides and other chemicals. This is why some people favor organic foods over conventional foods. But is it all worth the hype? And if so, when is it worth spending a little extra to buy organic?

The term “organic” refers to how the product is grown, processed, and the quality of ingredients. Organic crops must not have synthetic fertilizers, modifications, GMOs, and be grown in safe soil. Organic livestock is required to be given 100% organic feed, have access to the outdoors, and is prohibited to be given growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal-by-products.

The debate about organic food vs. non organic food has and still remains unresolved. Many believe that organic is an overall healthier choice. Others believe that organic foods can be expensive and conventional foods can offer just as much nutrition for lower price. 

Many nutritionists and dietitians agree that in a side by side comparison, the amount of nutrients that come from organic foods can be a little higher than conventional foods, but overall are very similar. Listed below are some of the benefits in choosing organic foods over conventional.

  • No unnatural pesticides or fertilizers

  • Not genetically modified

  • Free from additives

  • Friendlier and safer to the animals and environment

  • Farming standards are high

If you are not completely convinced of either way and want a combination of organic and non-organic, here are a few tips of what types of foods you may want to target.

  • Fruits that you eat the skin, ex. grapes, pears, and apples, may be more beneficial to eat organic since a lot of the pesticides may reside on the skin. 

  • Other fruits such as watermelon, mango, and bananas may not be as crucial to get organic as you do not eat the skin.

  • Grass-fed animals are also important. Grass-fed beef has a greater ratio of omega fatty acids, is leaner, and much more natural that grain-fed beef.

Overall, deciding whether to choose organic or conventional food is up to the individual. Several dieticians have recommended that if you feel strongly about avoiding pesticides, are supportive of the environment, or prefer the taste, stick to organic. Otherwise, if you are on a budget, non organic can offer just as nutritious as a product for less.  Talk to your chiropractor in Bozeman to learn more about healthy eating and wellness.

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