Preventing Back Pain and Injuries

Preventing Pain and Injuries

Back pain is a common issue among most Americans today. Bozeman, MT is a very active community where people are often times more at risk for injuries due to frequent outdoor hobbies. Injuries to this area of the body are also very common and often account for billions of dollars of lost productivity each year. However, there are multiple steps that you can take to help reduce your risk of injury.

So what causes back pain

There are many different causes and risk factors to take into consideration when it comes to back pain and injury. Listed below are some of the possible causes/risk factors which lead to back pain.

  • Weak muscles of the low back and core

  • Poor posture

  • Lack of exercise

  • Spinal Subluxations

  • More than 20% overweight

  • Improper footwear

  • Improper lifting

  • Poor mattress

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • Bending frequently resulting in repetitive stress

What are some precautions you can take to help avoid or decrease your risk for back pain and injury?

  1. Practice proper posture- Avoid leaning forward or slouching. Try to sit up straight with shoulders centered.
  2. Learn proper lifting techniques- Obtain a stable base, bend your knees, tighten stomach muscles, use your legs, and keep the load close.
  3. Don't sit for too long- Walk around and stretch from time to time. Try not to sit for more than 45 minutes at a time.
  4. If you are sitting, have back support. -Such as a chair, pillow, or special back support. Talk with your chiropractor if you are needing special back supports or have questions on posture.
  5. Use a supportive mattress- Sleep on your side with knees bent or on your back with knees raised on a pillow
  6. Strengthen and stretch back muscles. -Talk to your Bozeman chiropractor about certain exercises and stretches that you can to do help prevent back pain and injuries.
  7. Get Adjusted! -Getting adjusted by your chiropractor is one of the best ways to treat back pain, but you are also much less likely to get back pain or injuries in the future if you see a chiropractor regularly for maintenance!

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