Chiropractic for Babies

Babies Need Chiropractic Care Too!

Being born is tough! It can be hard on mom, and is especially hard for babies. Birth is a complicated process with many variables, and a change in any of these can alter the outcome.

The passage through the birth canal is essential in stimulating a baby’s nervous system and sensory system. Contractions help clear fluid from the baby’s lungs and prepare them to breathe in air in their new environment. Imagine yourself, being cooped up in a cozy space for months…you’d be sore and achy too! As adults, we can communicate when we are uncomfortable or in pain. But babies, can only fuss, cry out, or tell us through changes in their bodily functions or behavior.

Your baby’s neck might be out of alignment if he/she:

  • seems uncomfortable

  • only wants to be held and comforted

  • has altered sleep patterns

  • is having difficulty nursing (especially to one side)

  • prefers looking in one direction

  • when seated, or laying down, his/her head will tilt or turn to one side

  • tugs at his/her ears

  • has a rash

Your baby’s mid-back might be out of alignment if he/she:

  • has increased spit up

  • burps often and seems uncomfortable doing it

  • is uncomfortable, especially after eating

  • has difficulty breathing (wheezing, coughing, etc)

Your baby’s low back and pelvis might be out of alignment if he/she:

  • has few bowel movements, constipation

  • has diarrhea

  • has issues with bed wetting (older, potty trained children)

  • has difficulty passing gas or having bowel movements

  • is having difficulties walking (feet are turned out/in), crawling, sitting on their own

  • has a diaper rash

  • seems uncomfortable

Adjustments on babies are extremely gentle and results are often seen immediately. Babies respond incredibly well to Chiropractic Adjustments, which allows for happy moms and dads at home.

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