Graston Technique - Soft Tissue Mobilization - How it works!

At Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, we believe that life is made of movement, and having a body that can move freely and painlessly is a gift.

We are committed to helping your body heal to it’s maximum potential. In order to fulfill this mission, we utilize additional therapies to complement and enhance our Chiropractic adjustments!0186072001601300279.jpg

One therapy that Dr. David Dalgardno uses often for muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries is Graston Technique. Graston Technique is a soft tissue mobilization technique using a specialized set of tools, shaped to fit different parts of the body. 

In sore or painful areas where there has been inflamed tissue for any length of time, there can be a change in muscle texture due to the laying down of collagen fibers (scar tissue) in an effort to heal. What Graston Technique does, is resurface these tissues. Smoothing out the surface and interactions of muscles, ligaments, and tendons helps to improve fluid motion, and reduce discomfort. 

Dr. Dalgardno had his first personal experience with Graston Technique when his wife Katelyn started experiencing severe upper back pain, that did not respond to adjusting or massage. 

Katelyn spent years as a competitive softball player, causing a lot of strain in her throwing shoulder. After high-school, she began work as an office administrator, requiring her to spend long hours sitting at the computer. The accumulated scar tissue in her throwing arm combined with the sedentary nature of her job quickly created severe soft tissue pain in upper back. 

After adjusting for two or three weeks with only temporary benefit, Dr. Dalgardno and his cohorts at the clinic decided to administer a course of care with Graston Technique over the course of three weeks, with one to two Graston Technique sessions per week in addition to adjusting. After following this course of care, Katelyn’s pain went from a constant 7/10 pain to 0/10 pain. The most remarkable part, is that it has been nearly 9 years, and Katelyn is still pain-free! 

Dr. David Dalgardno is certified in Graston Technique, having taken both the M1 Basic Training, and M2 Advanced Training. Dr. Dalgardno uses Graston Technique both on its own and to enhance the benefits of Chiropractic adjusting.

Do you have constant, nagging, achy pain that is only temporarily better with massage, adjusting, stretching or self care? Graston Technique may be a great fit for you! Give us a call and ask about Graston Technique today.


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