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Dry Needling After Being in a Car Accident

You got into a car accident... you have insurance to worry about, your vehicle, finances and on top of that you are in pain! Where to turn to address your own pains can be daunting...


There are a few reasons Dry Needling should be on your radar as a beginning point for treatment. If you are at the point where more serious injuries are ruled out, but movement is still very difficult and your pain levels are elevated, dry needling is a great option for relief. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider Dry Needling following a motor vehicle accident.

  1. Dry Needling is passive. This means there is no movement required from the patient, making it often times very comfortable and easy for the patient. This is great for patients who are hesitant of getting an adjustment due to the severity of their symptoms.
  2. Dry Needling is going to decrease pain signals sent to the brain. Dry needling has been shown to drastically decrease pain within just 24 hours of receiving treatment.
  3. Dry Needling is going to promote a controlled inflammatory response to the effected area, pushing the old blood out and getting new blood in... this is crucial in healing the affected area.  

Common Questions about Dry Needling after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Is it painful to get dry needled after getting an accident? 

  • Most people will describe dry needle as feeling “achy” that soon dissipates after the needles are in, often times the needles won't even be felt.

Can Dry Needling be incorporated with chiropractic adjusting?

  • Dry needling is often used to compliment chiropractic care. Getting adjusted will address any joint misalignments and fixations, while dry needling will also decrease pain, get a good influx of blood flow to the area and calm the muscles down.

dry needling after car accident

How is Dry Needling different than Acupuncture?

  • The key difference between Dry Needling and acupuncture is that Dry Needling takes a musculoskeletal approach when it comes to application. Meaning the doctor will determine where to place the needles based off of muscle texture, injury, inflammation, movement and pain.

If you have been in a car accident, and have been experiencing any of the symptoms we have talked about, don't wait, give us a call to see if Dry Needling is right for you and one of our doctors will be happy to talk to you! To learn more about dry needling (Click Here).

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