Y- Strap Chiropractor Bozeman Montana

Y- Strap Chiropractor Bozeman Montana

The infamous Y- Strap adjustment, seen worldwide via YouTube and other social media platforms, performing “lifey strap youtube adjustments, social media. Chiropractors and research opinion. Gallatin valley chiropractic changing” adjustments. If you haven't heard about the Y- Strap or are curious what these videos are like, search “Y-Strap” on  YouTube, you will see titles such as “CRAZY BACK CRACK,” or titles claiming that it fixes spondylitis, scoliosis and other spinal abnormalities. But in this blog, we have something else to say..........

What Do Other Chiropractors and Basic Research Say?

Any student or practicing doctor will tell you that the number one rule learned when performing chiropractic adjustments in the neck is DO NOT OVER EXTEND THE NECK. This means avoiding the chin jutting upwards. The reason being, it can place a dangerous amount of strain on the vertebral artery as well as the upper neck vertebrae, specifically C2. Hence, we were NOT taught the Y-strap adjustment in chiropractic school. Chiropractors who commonly use the Y-Strap adjustment will counter this by saying that “with the correct direction and technique it is perfectly safe.” This simply isn't true, extension is still present and control over the head and neck is limited. I have not yet seen a video online yet with the Y-strap that does not have the patient in over-extension.

The Y- Strap can come equipped with a strap that can contour around the jaw, that also places a large amount of pressure on the TMJ, potentially leading to more problems. Additionally, there is no research backing that the Y- strap is definitively any more effective than manually decompressing the cervical spine. 

Is There a Way Chiropractors Decompress The Spine Without The Y- Strap?

So what can you do instead to induce distraction? Chiropractors can manually (using their hands) have control on theChiropractors opinion on y strap adjustments. Gallatin Valley Chiropractic. head and neck, are able to induce a gentle and effective traction/decompression that appears similar to the Y- Strap, but can be much more specific and the extension can be limited.  The doctor is able to determine which joints in specific are lacking motion, and have a more specific manipulation of the joint using their hands as opposed to holding onto a handle... attached to a cord... that is wrapped around the patient's neck.  Of course there can be very gentle adjustments using the Y-strap, however the "crack addicts" (referring to the audience that enjoys loud cracks on YouTube and TikTok videos) seem to gravitate to the much more forceful ones that seem to have much more viral videos.  Like anything, moderation is key! Too much traction in too little time can result in the musculature to spasm and become severely painful.

The best advice for a patient considering using a Y- Strap is DON'T. Stick to chiropractic care that is backed by research. We at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic pride ourselves on delivering evidence based explanations and treatments to our patients. We focus on providing honest care to each of our patients in a safe and effective manor. 

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