Injured Low back? Watch how, and HOW MUCH you sit!

When you injure your back, be just as concerned about your SITTING as your Lifting!

Sitting doesn't seem like a very dangerous or physically demanding activity, but it can be! When you are seated, your low back no longer has support from your powerful leg and hip muscles. This means that the entire weight of your head, shoulders, and torso, rests completely on a small group of tissues in your lower back.

With my patients, I liken sitting for prolonged periods of time with an injured back to walking with your foot turned sideways on a sprained ankle. Don't. Do. It.

A great way to help the low back heal (depending on the tissues involved... and I help people with this all the time....) is to do some gentle stretching, and to KEEP MOVING. If you stand up from being seated and it hurts, you sat for too long.

If your back is injured, it is super important to give it the rest it needs to heal! Placing large loads on these injured tissues is a great way to keep your back from healing, or at worst, injure it further!


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