Getting Adjusted Can Help With WHAT?!

The controlling signals from the nervous system for the entire body, travel through the spine. This is why severe injuries to the spine have such life-altering effects. It stands to reason then, that improper movement, positioning, or alignment within the spine can have effects on not only movement, but can also cause visceral problems!

One of my patients' favorite visual aids is the chart of the autonomic nervous system, which shows what spinal level nerve roots connect to which internal organ. The nervous system connections to the body can be sectioned into four large groups. So, what level controls what thing? Here is a basic list including the structures supplied by the various nerve levels, as well as some symptoms potentially caused or contributed to by dysfunction in these spinal areas:

  • Cranial and Cervical Nerves:
    • Eye function
    • Salivary gland and tongue function
    • mucous membranes of the face and nose

  • Symptoms helped by adjusting:
    • allergies, runny nose, nasal and ear congestion0029650001589493676.jpg
  • Thoracic nerves
    • T1-T5:
    • heart
    • trachea

    • T6-T11:
    • Esophagus
    • Stomach
    • abdominal blood vessels
    • liver
    • pancreas
    • adrenal glands
    • small intestine
    • large intestine

  • Symptoms helped by adjusting:
    • heartburn, swallowing difficulty, abdominal discomfort or digestive issues

  • Lumbar area nerves
    • T12-L5
    • rectum
    • kidney
    • bladder
    • sex organs
    • genitals

  • Symptoms helped by adjusting:
    • digestive issues, erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunction

If you notice any of the symptoms from this list, ask any of the docs here at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic if adjusting that area might help! Having well adjusted spine will give your nervous system the best chance at functioning properly.

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