Piriformis syndrome is a pain in the a$$..... literally.

Piriformis Syndrome is a problem commonly seen here in our office. It is a result of friction and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, caused by a tight piriformis muscle. This creates symptoms similar to sciatica:

  • pain in the mid buttock region  

  • referred tingling, numbness, or aching pain down the leg

  • pain in close by structures such as the SI joint or even the low back

  • It can be due to trauma to the area, such as a slip or fall. Piriformis syndrome can also be due to sedentary work environment, creating stiffening and tightening due to long periods of sitting, or by long periods of standing, or improper lifting or running technique.  

Treatment of this pesky issue is done inside and outside the office with a cooperative approach with our patients.  

  • 1. adjusting  

    • Adjusting can help optimize the joint action around the irritated muscle, relieving stress and strain, by improving alignment, and reducing tightness.

  • 2. stretching the piriformis

    • place outside of foot on the opposite knee

    • pull knee toward opposite shoulder while lying on back

    • focus on a stretch to the mid buttock

  • Plan B?

    • What happens if the usual treatments don't work?  

    • stimulation with low voltage electricity can help reduce tension, and improve blood flow in muscles which do not respond to stretching

    • Dry needling is another treatment option for tight piriformis muscles that do not respond to gentle stretching, adjusting or rest.

If you have questions regarding piriformis syndrome or other conditions, feel free to talk to your doctor at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic.  


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