Welcome to Springtime!


Whether taking a view of nature budding back to life or embracing spirituality or religion, Spring is often viewed as a time of rebirth. As the weather warms, the snow starts to melt and nature shifts into a growth phase, many of us like to clean house, clean our bodies, get fit and/or get healthy.

In regards to health, many people start to shake off the meat and potatoes winter trend for a dietary shift toward healthy eating. It can be tempting to latch onto a fad diet or to buy products with promises of cleansing or rejuvenation. Truthfully, a healthy life and body can be achieved by eating consciously with whole foods, drinking plenty of water and getting quality sleep along with regular exercise and stretching. Cleansing body systems can be beneficial; while the body has an amazing capacity to perform this task on its own, providing some support can help the process.

Though there is some room for further research, generally speaking, products that claim to revitalize cells or directly clear toxins from the body have little to evidence these claims. There are foods, supplements, and dietary shifts that we can make that support the organs of our body so that they can perform the functions of cleaning our system in an efficient and effective manner.

We can shift our diet to clear the GI tract of residual content promoting improved nutrient absorption and reducing a toxic burden on our system. We can eat food that supports the liver and kidneys. We can get exercise or sauna so that we perspire and drink plenty of water so that our skin can eliminate toxins from the body.

Additionally, intermittent fasting is demonstrating, through multiple and varied research trials, many health benefits that include healthy, safe, and sustained weight loss, improved and revitalized immune system functioning, increased longevity, and increased energy to name just a few benefits. Intermittent fasting has been shown to be more effective for both weight loss and immune system support than any calorie restrictive diet, any keto-diet and any product that it has been compared to. There are many ways to fast, some more intense than others. Truthfully, the more gentle methods are showing the most promise.

If you are interested in learning effective strategies for cleansing body systems with real foods or are interested in trying a fasting regimen, feel free to schedule and appointment with Dr. Blair to discuss options and health methods for accomplishing your goals.

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