How Soon After a Car Accident Can I Get Adjusted

How Soon After a Car Accident Can I See The Chiropractor

You just got into a car accident and you have a million things to worry about... dealing with insurances, transportation, finances and of course your health! But how soon after a car accident can somebody begin chiropractic care? Immediately after the accident there are a few things that must happen prior to receiving care. 

Your First Stop is the Emergency Room or Urgent Care... 

  • Even if at first sight there are no serious, life threatening or debilitating problems, symptoms are likely to show up hours, days or even sometimes weeks following the accident. Going to the emergency room or urgent care is thehow soon after a car accident can i go to the chiropractor, gallatin valley chiropractic, bozeman montana first step regardless of the severity of the accident.

Go to the Chiropractor Within 72 Hours of the Accident.

  • Following a car accident, chiropractors will also perform a detailed medical exam including testing components such as 
    • spinal root function
    • Fracture screen
    • neurological exam
    • musculoskeletal exam
    • testing of vitals. 
  • This will help the doctor make proper diagnoses', determine the severity of the accident, and will rule out any red flags that would make treatment a contraindication. 
  • It's important to note that even if the emergency room or urgent care takes X-rays, they are likely looking for more severe, immediate problems such as fractures. They often don't check for spinal instability which can be a contraindication to chiropractic care. Therefor, your chiropractor may need more specific X-rays prior to care.
  • Even if insurances are still getting figured out, your chiropractic care can still be included in the settlement. Therefor, begin care as soon as you can regardless if loose ends are still being figured out.
  • If the patient is worried that pain levels are too high, and concerned they aren't ready for manual adjusting, there are other passive options such as dry needling, to help relieve pain and get the patient feeling better and on the road to recovery.

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