Workers Related Accidents

Gallatin Valley Chiropractic accepts Workers Compensation Claims and coverage through work comp insurance, and  is typically 100% at our clinic with no out of pocket expenses! Call our office for more details. 

Injury in the workplace

Many studies have shown that back and musculoskeletal injuries are the second most common cause of time away from work and affect 80% of adults. Of the population of people to suffer from a back injury, 10% will re-injur the area. Back injuries may include disc herniations, misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine, other disc injuries such as protrusions or bulges and joint fixation and loss of spinal motion among many others. Musculoskeletal injuries include, but are not limited to, sprains, strains, muscle tears, fractures, spasms, bruising and scrapes. The good news is that many of the conditions listed above can be treated with chiropractic care and a rehabilitation program, resulting in employees taking less time off work due to pain and decreased bodily function, workers returning to work sooner and having a lower risk of re-injury than those who do not seek out similar treatment programs.

Causes of back injuries

There are many causes of back injury and musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace and many of which can be prevented if the proper steps are taken. The most common causes of back and musculoskeletal injuries include:

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • Twisting at the waist while holding or lifting a large load

  • Carrying objects that are odd shapes

  • Working in uncomfortable positions, or in hard-to-reach areas

  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time

  • Slipping or tripping

  • A family history of back injuries

  • Age (older generations are more prone to arthritis and disc degeneration)

  • Obesity

  • Lack of exercise and poor physical condition

  • Poor posture

  • Stress

  • Pregnancy

  • Smoking tobacco

  • Repetitive stress disorders

  • Overexertion


Injury in the workplace accounts for over $1 billion each year, taking into account time lost at work, worker's compensation claims, medical costs and disability payments. Prevention is the key to lowering the incidence of back injuries and musculoskeletal disorders that occur at work. Back safety courses are important in teaching employees and workers proper lifting techniques. When an injury occurs, seeking out the proper treatment early and following the appropriate treatment plan established by your chiropractor will ensure less time away from work and increase productivity while keeping treatment and worker's compensation costs low. Chiropractic treatment may include an adjustment to restore proper joint motion and spinal alignment, electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to reduce muscle spasms and hypertonicity, ice or heat and a customized rehabilitation program to restore normal body function and strengthen the injured tissue.

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