Seasonal Allergies often come with Springtime

Seasonal Allergies often come with Springtime


It sure feels like we are creeping into spring here in Bozeman. While many are grateful for warmer weather and the spring foliage that is on its way, many others are dreading allergy season. There are people that are Allergists that specialize in allergy treatment; however, medical care is, typically, in the form of anti-histamine drugs, whether that be over the counter or prescription strength. Drowsiness and interactions with other drugs or alcohol are the common side effects associated with standard medical care for seasonal allergies.

While research is lacking, there are many people that report that honey can be effective to stave off allergy symptoms. The idea is that raw, local honey has pollen in it in small amounts and if a person consumes a teaspoon of raw local honey daily for a month prior to and continuing through allergy season that symptoms are reduced or avoided because the body becomes accustomed to the pollen irritant in small doses so that the histamine (allergic) response is not triggered. There is no evidence to suggest that honey treats allergies once symptoms are it may be good to start eating raw local honey now if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer.

For those that suffer allergies and/or suffer side effects of drugs or if you simply don't want to take medications with potential side effects, there is a natural treatment available that has been shown to be as effective as medications with no side effects. Multiple research studies have demonstrated Butterbur to be as effective as citirizine (Zyrtec, Alleroff) and fexofenadine (Allegra, Mucinex) at relieving allergic rhinitis (sinus and nasal) allergies with no side effects.

While there is no evidence that chiropractic care makes a good primary treatment for allergies, chiropractic care is safe and does help neurological function, circulatory function and can boost immune system function. If you have 'tried everything' for your allergies, you may consider a course of chiropractic care to see if it may help.

Give Gallatin Valley Chiropractic a call if you would like to discuss vitamins, supplements, natural therapies for allergies or if you would like to try a course of chiropractic care.



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