Patient: “What kind of mattress should I get?!”
Me: “Well, NOT one that sags in the middle....”

If your mattress is wrong for you, it's going to have some negative effects on your sleep, and your joints – particularly, shoulders, hips and spinal joints. For some, this may mean your mattress is WAY out of date, and needs to be replaced. If it sags in the middle, your spine is placed in a slightly bowed position all night, which is a strained, non-neutral position. This stretches out ligaments, and places undo pressure on hips, shoulders and spine.

“Alright, so my mattress needs replacing. Should I get a soft or a firm one?”
Good question.
A softer mattress is going to be supportive enough for taller, more slender body types, without being too hard. This will give enough to allow for a neutral, well-supported sleeping position, cradling the curves around the waist and hips.
A firmer mattress will help those with a heavier or more muscular build keep from sinking in and creating the “dip” that causes an unnatural spinal curve during sleep.

Another thing that will help your spine during sleep – getting adjusted.

Sometimes, even with a newer, non-saggy mattress, sleep can get uncomfortable. Getting adjusted will help to optimize the flexibility in your spine, allowing for a relaxed and unrestrained sleeping position.


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